We are Maicaas.
Market Research Consulting firm based in Dubai, London, and ac ross EMEA.
Superior insights based on cutting edge quantitative and deep qualitative analysis.
Our insights help businesses develop relevant strengths, leverage, and sustainable competitive advantages.

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We provide research consultancy services to businesses, with specialties in 'external analysis'. This includes providing tailored research solutions, consulting for international expansion, and thoroughly identifying the key success factors in any particular market place. 'One size does not fit all', and thus all approaches, solutions and recommendations are tailored to individual business needs and objectives. We also conduct in-depth studies on consumer behaviour, market potential, price positioning, location evaluations and competitor analysis to help companies achieve their mission, vision and objectives.

Modern Market Research that

We pride ourselves on knowing the new tools as well as the classical science behind market research.

We always look forward, & our research-on-research & true innovation stands us apart from the crowd.

We are always busy with repeat work, but always find time for new clients.

Foundation, leadership, management.

Delivering the best experiences & results.


Mujtaba Anwer

Founder and CEO


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